Five Months

Likes: Baths Being Naked Listening to singing/music Putting all the things in his mouth   Dislikes: Naps Tummy Time Realizing it’s not time to eat   Doing: Reaching for things Interested in food (hasn’t had any) Sharing a room with big bro Lunges to get out of his car seat Laughs and talks a whole […]

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Four Months

Likes Finally into chewing Sophie Hearing singing & funny noises His hands Being in the sling Loves the bath and the sound of the water Talking to the animals on his blanket Dislikes Still struggles hard with napping When Jack hits him in the head with a car Doing Putting anything he can grab into […]

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Three Months

Likes Being held Josh’s funny noises Smiling/laughing in general Bill Burt Warner, his Bee baths Dislikes napping during the day still not a huge fan of the car tummy time Doing He’s gotten close to rolling over a few times from back to front. Laughs and smiles so much Turning his head side to side […]

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Two Months

Likes Mommy Eating Baths with Jack When Josh howls at him Dislikes The car (it’s the worst and the only time he really cries hard) Doing cooing and smiling all the time (it’s the best) only likes to turn his head to the right Working on his ab and neck strength Love our giant two-month-old. He’s […]

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One Month

Mr. Benjamin Truth is one month old! He’s actually 6 weeks old now, but the picture is from his one month birthday. I am so grateful for this sweet, laid-back baby. I’m also grateful for my wildly curious Jack who keeps me on my toes. We are enjoying so much time together and getting to […]

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39 Weeks

Still pregnant over here! Tomorrow is my due date, so we’ll see if I get another baby that likes to show up on time. Statistically the odds I’d have two come on their due date is like super slim, so I’m doubtful I’m going to have a baby tomorrow, yet incredibly hopeful! I didn’t work […]

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38 Weeks

Today I’m 39 weeks! And so ready for this kid to grace us with his presence. I’m not feeling anything, but I didn’t feel anything with Jack either and woke up in labor on his due date. But I know every pregnancy is different, so I’m eagerly anticipating how this one decides to come. I […]

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37 Weeks

Two days late posting this week, so I’m 38 weeks as of yesterday! So we’ve landed on a full name. But I told Josh that I reserve the right to change my mind until we sign the birth certificate. This week something changed and now I’m ready to have the baby. I don’t feel uncomfortable, […]

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36 Weeks

  I’m 37 weeks today as I write this. This means I can now officially give birth at the birth center if LB2 decides to come at this point. I can’t believe that! Still need to finalize this guys whole name. What if he came on Star Wars Day? How far along? 36 weeks, 6 days […]

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