37 Weeks




Josh is awesome and updated our blog so it’s responsive now and easier to read on phones. He’s fancy like that.

This week we have done everything we can pretty much do before the baby comes. (Except when I just typed that I thought of like 12 more things we need to do, haha!) But anyway, we are mostly prepared as we can be.

I’m really excited. Before I felt more nervous, now I feel more excited. It’s so weird that he will be here so soon. Josh and I have talked about how it might take a while to believe I’m actually in labor when it happens. I guess we’ll see!

My mom is guessing I’ll go into labor December 1st. Any other guesses? (My due date is Nov 26th)

How far along? 37 weeks, 6 days

Baby is the size of: A winter melon or a bunch of Swiss Chard … aka about 19 inches and 6.3 lbs…

Total weight gain: This week I hit 20 pounds!

Maternity clothes? Enjoying my last chances to wear my cute maternity dresses. I’m getting a little sick of the maternity shirts that I have.

Sleep: So grateful that I’m still sleeping so well. I’ve always been a good sleeper. Let’s hope baby boy inherits my skillz.

Best moment this week: I did some hardcore nesting this week and amazingly found a place for everything in our tiny house. Yay! Also loved getting to spend the weekend having quality time with my BFF aka Josh. AND Friday I got to see my friend Alisa who brought be some pampering treats, which was so sweet.

Movement: He likes to keep me on my toes and go out of his normal moving routine every once in a while. But then he gets the hiccups or something and I don’t freak out.

Food cravings: I’ve really been wanting lasagna.

Exercise? Faithfully doing yoga still. My midwife told me I’m good to keep doing it pretty much up until I go into labor, so yay.

Miss Anything? My memory. Seriously.

Symptoms: My gums are so dry! Brushing my teeth hurts a lot lately, but I’ve been trying to do oil pulling ¬†more, which seems to help a little bit.

Mood?  Feeling good. Just being patient, trying to enjoy the last moments of being baby-free and having free time.

Looking forward to: Meeting this little guy and dressing him in his cute little sleepers and swaddling him up. Can’t wait! Well, maybe just a little longer..

Thanks for joining me on my pregnancy journey!

Until next week,


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