One Month



  • Eating
  • Laying on the changing table (but not getting his diaper changed)
  • Loud noise
  • Bouncing (wants us to do deep squats all the time, and you better believe he knows when you sit down!)
  • Sleeping in the sling


  • Going to sleep
  • The baby swing
  • Baths
  • Diaper Changes


  • “Gas smiles” when he’s falling asleep
  • Holds his head up during tummy time
  • Head butts occasionally
  • Makes dragon noises
  • Uses his legs to push up in the sling/against our legs
  • Follows us/things with his eyes

Current Nicknames:

  • LBJ (little Baby Jack)
  • Grumpopotamus/ Gruntopotamus
  • Grumplestiltskin
  • Shaky Legs

I remember this time last year we had just moved to an apartment and had no idea in a year’s time we would have a little one. I wonder where we’ll be next year.

Our little guy is growing so fast. The clothes he swam in at birth are now almost too small. The time really does fly! Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas, and we wish you a Happy New Year.



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