5 Months


Jack is five months old! I missed a four month update because Jack was sick and things were crazy, so there.


Blowing bubbles

Being outside

Being upside down




Being at home (too boring)

Getting bored in general



Rolling from back to front

Reaching for things

Belly laughing

Always Curious


I keep saying it, but time needs to slow down please. I can’t believe how big this guy is. He continues to get more and more fun though. Love getting him when he wakes up and seeing that huge smile.

We went on our first plane ride with LBJ last weekend. We went to CA for Josh’s cousin’s wedding. Jack did great on the way there (slept the whole time!) but the way back was kind of the nightmare we were picturing. But our first plane ride is out of the way! Jack got to meet lots of his California family and visit with Josh’s parents.

We are looking forward to moving at the beginning of June and getting this guy his own room…. but really, getting our room back to ourselves. Sleep is becoming more and more of a challenge lately.

So thankful for this little one and for my husband to figure it all out with!

Here’s some fun photos from the last month or so:


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