8 Months




Screaming with Joy/”Talking”

Clicking his tongue, sticking his tongue out, and making other noises with his mouth

Shadows (My little Peter Pan)

Sleeping with his giraffe blanket thing Jill (Thanks Megan B!!)

Babies/Little kids/Dogs (squeals and laughs when he sees them)


Eating bananas or sweet potatoes

Changing clothes


Crawling! Ahh. Very slow still, but doing it.

Interacting more. Looks at us to see our expression/if we’re looking at him.

Has two (maybe three?) teeth

Waves his arms and feet a whole lot!

Loves flirting with people and squealing to get someone’s attention

Using his thumb and forefinger/pointing at stuff

This guy is SO much fun right now. In the past week it feels like he’s grown up so much. I took Jack to NYC with me last week and it was awesome. I didn’t know we were going until a few days before, and I was a bit nervous about how he would do, but it was great! We went on a missions trip with BridgePoint to A House on Beekman. We served in their Summer Program running the service portion for about 100 kids.

The kids LOVED Jack, and he loved them. He is so fascinated by kids. He would grab their faces and laugh at them and smile. It was so neat seeing the kids who acted up the most being so calm and gentle with LBJ.

He’s growing up way too fast, but it’s true that every new thing is more and more fun and exciting. Love him so much and so grateful we get to be his parents. Can life just slow down a little bit please?




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