28 Weeks


This week flew by once again. Next week I have my glucose screening and the nasty drink coming. Here’s to hopefully passing the test. LBJ started really walking this week, like everywhere. So we took him to the zoo today and he walked all over the place and picked up rocks and played in dirt.

How far along? 28 weeks, 6 days

Baby is the size of: A Tropical Coconut, Couronne Bread, a Rollerblade, or a Chihuahua.

Total weight gain:  Like 20 pounds I think?

Maternity clothes? Getting sick of them, but yes!

Sleep: Josh is the best and because of him I get to sleep until 7/7:30am almost every day. Such a luxury. 

Best moment this week: LBJ has been blowing kisses (in his own way) this week and it’s the sweetest. Also he just wants to be chased all the time. I think he’s gonna love being a big brother and we can’t wait to see him as one.

Movement: He’s been moving so much. Feels like he’s starting to get more and more cramped in there.

Food cravings:  Can’t think of much in particular this week. Now that Josh’s birthday is over I’m trying to calm down on the sugar… oh it’s so hard!

Exercise?  I got my three workouts in this week and have been enjoying them. Just makes my body feel so much better.

Miss Anything? Spicy Tuna and rolling over easily.

Symptoms: Feeling exhausted a lot easier, especially after picking up LBJ and chasing him around. Also having a harder time bending over and seeing past my belly. Starting to feel a little more like a bowling ball.

Mood? I can’t believe I’m officially in the 3rd trimester, which means LB2 will be here in no time… which means we need to pick his name and start getting more ready for his arrival and trying to prepare LBJ. So much to do!

Looking Forward To: The sweet sleepy newborn snuggles soon to come.

Until next week,


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