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Hi! It’s Friday, thus the name of the post. Don’t freak out about the originality.

These are Josh’s responses from Psalm 101-105. I am a little late getting them up this week, because I’ve been busy doing homework! This week we’re doing 1st Corinthians and wow there is so much in this book, and boy does the background information help in understanding what’s going on and what messages Paul is trying to get across to the original readers. (And there’s lots of sarcasm)

Last week we studies Galatians and 1&2 Thessalonians. It was a crazy week, and I really only got to study Galatians, but wow, it was so good. I just really saw and am grateful for the fact that it is finished… that there’s really nothing that I can do to justify myself before God because He has given me that justification through the sacrifice of Jesus.

Wow, what freedom there is! There is no striving in the kingdom of God for justification because he really did it all. And so what does that mean? It means that I can’t earn anything because it’s already been given to me. It’s almost too good to be true, except that it is very true, and I am so grateful for that. And it moves me with desire to live my life loving God and loving others all the more.

Have a great weekend friends!


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