God Revealed in Weakness

Hey Everyone,

Here are the Psalm creations from last week, brought to you by Josh!

Hope you had a lovely week last week. Last week God just totally blew us away with His provision. At this point, we have pretty much ALL of the money needed for our outreach to the location we can’t say on the internet! (But contact us if you’d like to know) Thanks so much to those who gave and those who prayed!

Last week someone also gave us a laptop, and a little gift for our anniversary later this month. Seriously, we are so blown away by the love of God and His provision through people. He is awesome. He’s truly the supplier of all our needs.

Last week we studied 2nd Corinthians and 1st Timothy. The biggest thing that hit me last week was in 2nd Corinthians, how the whole message is about God’s strength being made perfect in man’s weakness.

Paul talks about how he doesn’t boast in the types of things the world would boast in, but rather his weaknesses, because then people are able to see God through him. And Paul was one of the most influential leaders of the early church, and spread the gospel throughout the known world at the time. But do we think of him as being weak? I don’t. And many times our culture (as well as the Roman culture at the time) didn’t view weakness as a sign of a leader. But Paul boasts in it! He was a weak public speaker to the Greeks/Romans, because he wasn’t trained in their kind of speaking as he was trained in a Jewish synagogue.

I just love the Bible! It’s so cool! And Josh and I are both really excited to get the opportunity to teach it while we go on outreach (and for the rest of our lives too!). It’s amazing how knowing the context of the different letters and books and who they were being written to and why really makes the Word come alive.

Hope you have a great week!

Amanda & Josh

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