Marvelous Monday

Hi Friends,

Thanks for stopping by our blog!¬†And so another week begins; check out Josh’s psalm responses below.

Last week we studied Mark and Philippians. I personally didn’t end up getting to study Philippians, as after I finished Mark I sort of hit a wall. But thankfully, I have my whole life to study the Word.

Mark was AMAZING though. Seriously, Jesus blew my mind with this book. Did you know that it was written to the persecuted church in Rome at the time. The Neronian persecutions would have been happening or about to happen. And so there’s a lot of focus in the book of Mark on suffering. And it would have encouraged the original reader because they were being persecuted and suffering for Jesus in Rome. They might have been wondering if Jesus was worth it, or if God can comfort them or relate to them.

But the amazing message of the book is that the end of suffering and persecution is LIFE! Jesus came as a humble servant and poured out love, and endured so much, so that death could be defeated, and that in the end, enduring the cost of discipleship, is life.

So just to encourage you, all the hard stuff that happens in life, ask God to help you through it and teach you in it, because in the end it’s worth it because life comes to those who have been justified though faith by grace. Eternal life with God! Woo hoo!

Have a great week everyone!

Did we tell you that God provided for all of our outreach? It’s all in! Sending out a newsletter this week with more updates. Let us know if you don’t get it but would like to.


Amanda & Josh


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