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Hi Everyone!

Hope you’re having a good week. I didn’t end up posting last week, but the last two weeks we studied Ephesians, Philemon, Colossians, and Titus. Both weeks we learned two different teaching methods. One called storying, which Josh wrote about in our newsletter, and then teaching the Inductive Bible Study Method.

Storying is teaching the Bible inductively, where you get the audience to draw out interpretation and applications by telling the story from the Bible, giving background information, and asking a lot of questions to help the audience think through and learn from the story, while also figuring out how it personally applies to them and how it should change their life. It’s pretty cool.

Tomorrow night we are teaching the Inductive Bible Study Method to a church in the community with our outreach team. It’s a Spanish speaking church and will be a translated meeting, so it will be a lot like what we will be doing on outreach. The Inductive Method is how we have been studying the Bible this whole school. In context, by observing what the text says, interpreting what it meant for the original readers, and then drawing out timeless principles and applying it to our own lives.

We are excited to be able to share this with others, however I (Amanda) am a little nervous about teaching, as it will be a big learning and growing experience for me. Josh too, but he’s a bit more comfortable with it.

We love the Bible! Wow, it is so good and truly brings life. This week we are studying Hebrews and 2 Timothy and really loving it. Our speaker this week is Ron Smith, who founded the school we’re doing and is a wealth of information.

The message of Hebrews was for the Jews in Rome who were contemplating denying Jesus as Messiah and going back to their old ways in order to escape persecution. The message is basically that Jesus is better than Jewish tradition, and that it’s him or nothing. It’s encouragement for Christian Jews at the time to continue in following Jesus despite persecution .. and that Jesus is worth it.

After class today we prayed for the persecuted church in all over the world, for the many people that are risking their lives for the gospel, though often unseen by us. ┬áThis is real. All of the writers of the New Testament except John died a martyr’s death, according to church history.

The message of 2 Timothy is also about enduring through suffering and persecution for the sake of the Gospel. Interesting.

I am so grateful for the Word of God. Just yesterday I was reading about one of the many people groups in the world that doesn’t have the Bible translated in their language and was praying for them to have it. Because wow, it’s the WORD of God! In 2 Timothy, Paul says that all scripture is “inspired” and the words used for that are as if God is holding a blank book and breathing on the page and filling it with words like that. It is so powerful.

This is quite a long post. If you’re still reading, I hope this word vomit was somewhat interesting. These are the things we’ve been talking about and learning lately.

I pray that today you would know how near God is to you and how much he just desires relationship with you.


Amanda & Josh

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