7 Months



Water Bottles

Everything he’s not supposed to have

His giraffe named Jill (He’s over Sophie)

Sticking his tongue out

Funny faces and voices

“Talking” really loud when he’s in a quiet place or when one person is addressing a group of people/praying


Diaper Changes/Being forced to lay down

Staying still

Not being able to put everything in his mouth

He’s teething, so lately he’s pretty cranky :( ….  (but yay, teeth!)


Eating fruits, veggies and oats regularly (loves avocado and blueberries)

Rocking on his hands and knees

Sitting up now

Getting teeth! First one poked through last week. Charlie Jack bit my finger and it really hurt! (But actually).

Rolls all over the place in his crib before passing out

Puts his head on our chests if he’s scared or tired. (The best thing in the world.)

Jack’s not a tiny baby anymore. He’s going to be crawling any day. We’re hoping he will wait because out house isn’t baby-proofed, AND we have a rat infestation (yes, it’s disgusting) so we don’t really want him crawling all over the place yet.

We’re taking him to the beach today for his first real beach trip, so hopefully he likes it!

Thankful for our little baby bee and how he continues to discover the world.

So cool being a parent seeing God’s heart for his children more. I’m understanding more what unconditional love is in a new way and what it means and how I can really trust God’s love in a deeper way.

Anyway, happy Saturday!


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