31 Weeks

lb2-31 weeks31 weeks of LB2!

So my niece and nephew have given me a list of approved baby names for LB2. Let me know your vote: Odell, McDonald, Peter, Rico, ChiChi, Eli, Boris, Bryant, ChiChi Door, Joe, and last but not least, Easter Basket.

How far along? 31 weeks, 6 days

Baby is the size of: A foam finger, Croquembouche, head of Romaine Lettuce, or a Small-clawed otter!

Total weight gain:  22 lbs?

Maternity clothes? I went to at least 10 stores today looking for something to wear on Easter. Couldn’t find anything! The struggle. All the stores seem to think it’s still cold outside and that things need long sleeves, OR that I attend music festivals all day every day and want to dress as such. So my 3/4 length sleeve gray maternity dress it will have to be!

Sleep: It’s just when I wake up I can’t go back to sleep :( But I am still grateful for the sleep that I do get. 

Best moment this week:  Got to have lunch with Josh on Thursday just the two of us. Monday he starts a new job in Tampa (which I am super excited for him about!), so he won’t be as flexible for lunch dates during the week. In the midst of a whole lot of busy, I am so grateful for the little moments to slow down and hang with my bff. 

Movement: So much movement and lots of hiccups this week. The first time I’ve felt them with LB2.  I wonder if he will have them as much as LBJ did. Tried to get Jack to feel, but he was too busy playing like a big kid.

Food cravings:  I find that I crave the idea of getting coffee, but don’t actually want to drink a lot of it. 

Exercise?  Got my three workouts in … it was more of an obligation this week, but I did it.

Miss Anything?  I miss baking. Since having Jack I don’t do it anymore and miss it a lot. Want to bake with me?

Symptoms: Braxton Hicks started this week. I also felt them for the first time at 31 weeks with Jack so that’s cool. Also, as of now I have the full on pregnancy “shelf” and can rest my cup or my phone, or other various objects conveniently on my belly. It’s one of the perks. My scalp is still itching like crazy. (No, I don’t have lice.) I tried switching my iron supplement to see if that helps, but at this time it seems to be a super random pregnancy/hormonal symptom!

Mood? I AM SO EXCITED BECAUSE JESUS IS ALIVE! I love Easter because we celebrate Jesus, but more than that I am reminded of who God is and who I am now because of what He’s done. So thankful that Jesus died and rose from the grave so that I could die to my sin and be given new life. Because of him I have been set free from an eating disorder, shame, guilt, and so much fear. He’s helped me open my mouth and speak where previously I was too scared. I have been given life and adventure that I never could have imagined… because of Jesus. Have you experienced His love and freedom and grace and life? 

Looking forward to: More and more excited for learning life with our newborn and a toddler. Can’t wait to see what LB2 is like, his personality, and what he finds funny or interesting or fun. What makes him frustrated or sad. Also looking forward to finding out what his name is. I have no idea!

I can’t wait to celebrate Easter Saturday and Sunday at BridgePoint. If you live in St. Pete and don’t have plans, we have two Family Fun Events (with free food!) at 4:30pm on Sat and Sun. And then we have a 6pm service Saturday, and Sunday an 8, 9:30, 11, 12:30, and 6pm services at our Tyrone Campus, and a 10am service at our downtown campus. Message me for more info!

Happy Easter Y’all!


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