34 Weeks


Hi Friends,

I’m about to have a baby! Five weeks out from my due date now (a of today I’m 35 weeks!) Will he come early? Will he come late? Will he be on time? Who knows! I was certain Jack would be 1-2 weeks late… and he came right on his day.

We still need a middle name for this peanut. Nothing feels right! Give me your best suggestion.

How far along? 34 weeks, 6 days

Baby is the size of: A Savoy Cabbage, A baguette, A basketball hoop (holy cow!), or a Quokka

Total weight gain:  Mucho! Probably close to 30 pounds, which is like double from when I was pregnant with Jack. Ay-yai-yai!

Maternity clothes? Can’t wait to wear non-maternity clothes again! I just miss my old clothes.

Sleep: My BFF.

Best moment this week: Laughing with my people.

Movement: Lots of movement, but less dramatic ones. Feels like he’s run out of room in there.

Food cravings: I ate cereal and salad a lot again this week. ICE CREAM. Ben and Jerry’s came out with a non-dairy ice cream, it’s basically cookies n’ cream with peanut butter in it and it’s SO GOOD. I am not dairy-free, but like to eat that way when possible. Also cheesecake. Anyone up for a trip to Cheesecake factory this week?

Exercise?  I did so good this week with exercise. Yay pregnant me!

Miss Anything? Those days where I just had tons of time on my hands and could do things like read books and go to coffee shops for hours. Would never trade them, but I do miss them at times.

Symptoms: I have a very large belly, stretch marks, and have a hard time buckling my sandals, but other than that I’m good to go.

Mood? The following comment is from my post with Jack at 34 weeks, and I feel the same way so I’m using it again: Super grateful and blessed by the loving and generous people I am surrounded by that I call family and friends. I’m so grateful that God created us for relationship not only with Him but also with other people. Things are just better in community and I can’t imaging going through pregnancy and then having a baby without any community.

Looking forward to: A super fun wedding this weekend. (Finally David and Amy, finally!) Seeing my super fun friend Jo this weekend. And giving birth to a super fun baby in a few weeks.

Thanks for joining me on my pregnancy journey!

Until next week,


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