35 Weeks (Special Edition)


Today I am 36 weeks. Ahhh! So much to do. Pack the birth center bag, get newborn diapers, install car seat, wash the tiny clothes, and probably more I’m forgetting. People keep asking me if I’m counting down the days. The answer is no. I am definitely excited to meet this little one (and welcome his arrival when he’s ready), but definitely would appreciate more time to prepare for his arrival, and to have a little more special time with Jack before he comes. I was talking with someone today about birth and Jack’s birth in particular and remembering when he was born getting to breathe on him so he would take his first breath and seeing his little gasp for air. It was the coolest moment ever and I’m excited to see how LB2 is born and what happens and what he’s like.

This week’s picture is from Amy & David’s wedding. We didn’t have time for the usual one this week, or one of Josh’s designs. But their wedding was so beautiful, and the sunset was there, and I had a flowy dress, so we got some cool pictures. Family picture below!

How far along? 35 weeks, 6 days (at the time of the photo)

Baby is the size of: A bunch of carrots.

Total weight gain:  25 pounds. I overshot last week.

Maternity clothes? Oh yes.

Sleep: I can’t wait to go to sleep tonight.

Best moment this week: Got to see my lovely friend Joanna, got to see David & Amy get married (which was so perfect), got to feed a goats, got to watch 13 people get baptized … it was a pretty good week.

Movement: Pokes an arm or leg out here and there. Some hiccups. Not as much of a roller as LBJ was.

Food cravings: Cheesecake still and cereal.

Exercise?  Still faithfully plugging away at yoga despite lack of motivation.  

Miss Anything?  Sleeping in. What is that?

Symptoms: My back hurt sooo bad on Friday. I think I may have lifted something too heavy. But then I did yoga and it seriously was like magic and it felt better. I’m realizing I feel REALLY pregnant when I eat too much. Because it’s like I can’t move…. haha! Little bit of braxton hicks, but not tons.

Mood? Tired, but tired because of good things full of purpose, so I feel very full. I am so grateful for God and how he orchestrates and operates and the way I see his grace and provision all around. Thankful for my husband who displays selflessness better than most, and who without trying, teaches me about what love looks like.

Looking forward to: This bébé to introduce himself (when he’s ready!)

Thanks for joining me on my pregnancy journey.

Until next week,



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