My Pregnancy Exercise Routine

I am a big fan of working out while pregnant… not necessarily because I want to, but because I’m confident of the benefits. I attribute 2 relatively comfortable and symptom-free pregnancies to consistent exercise throughout. I haven’t had any swelling, and the one time I was feeling significant back pain, I did yoga and it felt SOO much better. I’m not 100% sure that my easy pregnancies have been due to exercise, however, I don’t think I’m lucky enough to have two easy ones for no reason!

With Jack, I did regular workouts into my 2nd trimester. This go-around, I started the prenatal workouts in the first trimester. I really like yoga because it’s gentle and because you don’t have to wear shoes (I hate shoes). AND it’s a good workout despite what a lot of people think… you just need to pick the right practice. My first pregnancy, I also really liked walking. Josh and I would go on a walk most evenings. Now, with a sleeping baby after 7:30pm, we haven’t had the freedom to do that as much.

I wanted to compile the prenatal workouts I use because sometimes people ask me, and also if I’m pregnant in the future it will be nice to have them here.

I’m a huge fan of youtube workout videos because realistically I’m not going to go to the gym (mostly because of time), and while I love yoga studio classes, it’s just not an expense I’m willing to pay for. I know that usually I can fit in a 30 minute workout, even while having another kiddo and being busy. The days where 30 minutes seems like a mountain, I’ll do one of the 10 or 15 minute workouts. Sometimes after I do those I decide to add on to my workout, or even do another one. The short ones are helpful just to get you going.

I hate wasting time on a bad workout, so these are ones that I really like and I feel like I’m actually doing something. Some are more challenging than others, but here are the ones I pretty regularly cycle through. I think when I was pregnant with Jack I was pretty good about working out 4-5 times a week. This time it’s been more like 3 times a week, but it’s still benefitted my body and hopefully baby too.

My go-to workouts:

Lara Dutta Prenatal Flow (30 minutes) – This is one of the ones I do when I don’t really want a big challenge but still want a good workout. It’s 30 minutes and gets your heart rate up and stretches your whole body. I really like this one, and it’s good for beginners too.

Heidi Kristoffer Prenatal Flow (30 minutes) – I found this workout a few months into this pregnancy and I really like it. It’s pretty fast moving, but it’s a good workout and challenging too. I would say it’s definitely for people who are a little more experienced in yoga.

Intermediate/Advanced Prenatal Flow (30 minutes) – I started doing this one with Jack and I think it’s the most challenging one I do. It’s pretty fast paced for the first half of it, but it’s a good workout, especially for the arms, but everywhere.

15 Minute Prenatal Power Yoga – This is great because it’s only 15 minutes but I still feel like I did something. I work up a sweat at least. Still kind of intermediate I would say.

The following are ones I don’t do very often, but will throw in the mix every once in a while when I’m bored of the above:

Heidi Kristoffer Legs and Butt (30 minutes) – This is pretty fast paced. I like the instructor because she talks in a normal voice.. not the breathy ones you usually get.

Heidi Kristoffer Arms & Shoulders (30 minutes) – Like the above one, but arms. It’s fast paced. It’s not all arms, but it’s definitely a focus.

PopSugar 10 Minute easy flow – I really do this one just to get myself motivated to do more, or just to be able to say I did something. Good for beginners.

Workout Mama Prenatal Practice (30 minutes) – I actually like this one, I just don’t do it very often. In the video she says it’s good for a “recovery day” but in my opinion it’s a pretty good workout.

The days where I don’t workout, I’ll usually try to do some squats. I usually do sumo squats because it’s a little easier with a belly. Sometimes I will do them with weights so my arms get a little workout too. Squats are just always good (pregnant or not).

***If you are pregnant, make sure you talk to your doctor about what is healthy for you. I’m speaking solely from experience, not from expertise.***

Happy working out!




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