36 Weeks



I’m 37 weeks today as I write this. This means I can now officially give birth at the birth center if LB2 decides to come at this point. I can’t believe that! Still need to finalize this guys whole name. What if he came on Star Wars Day?

How far along? 36 weeks, 6 days (at the time of the photo)

Baby is the size of: A Papaya, 3 chocolate croissants, A cabbage patch doll, or a Chihuahua

Total weight gain: 25 pounds

Maternity clothes? Over it. Stoked about wearing my regular clothes again.

Sleep: I think I’m sleeping better than I did when I was pregnant with Jack… I’ll take it!

Best moment this week: Jack got sick Wednesday and wanted to be held ALL DAY LONG. I really hated that he was sick, but I really loved all the snuggles. Good to get some me and him time before baby comes and be able to give him my undivided attention, as much as I hate him being sick.

Movement: Hiccuping in there more often and shifting around. Love feeling a little foot or arm stick out on the side every now and then. Just saying hello.

Food cravings: Caprese everything. Give me the mozz, basil, & tomato please.

Exercise?  Still going strong! But it is getting more challenging with a bigger belly.

Miss Anything? Not particularly this week.

Symptoms: I’ve been having a little bit more Braxton hicks. I’ve always thought they feel so cool. Today I really felt like I’m starting to slow down energy-wise… but I also kind of feel like I’m getting sick, so there’s that.

Mood? Excited, but feeling a little unprepared mentally for giving birth.

Looking forward to: LBJ feeling better and meeting our new little peanut. Can’t wait to know what he’s like.

Thanks for joining me on my pregnancy journey!

Until next week,



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