38 Weeks


Today I’m 39 weeks! And so ready for this kid to grace us with his presence. I’m not feeling anything, but I didn’t feel anything with Jack either and woke up in labor on his due date. But I know every pregnancy is different, so I’m eagerly anticipating how this one decides to come.

I forgot to brag on how awesome my co-workers are in my last bumpdate. They blessed us with a ton of wipes and different sized diapers, so we’re stocked up for quite a while, for both Jack and LB2, hooray!

How far along? 38 weeks, 6 days (at time of photo)

Baby is the size of: a Spaghetti Squash, a Ukulele, or a Pomeranian

Total weight gain: 27 lbs

Maternity clothes? Almost done with these, woo hoo! Can’t wait for my shorts back.

Sleep: Waking up more at night now. I think two or three times, but I can’t really remember because I’m kind of out of it when it happens. I’m still getting a full night’s sleep though, hooray!

Best moment this week: I’ve been getting so many snuggles from LBJ. He must sense that change is coming soon. He’s been so clingy, but it’s so sweet. He goes and finds the baby carrier and brings it to me to carry him around the house. He does this to Josh too when I’m not home. It’s the sweetest. Also we got to spend part of Friday with my mom at the park and went to lunch and that was really fun. A lot of “lasts” while Jack is an only child.

Movement: Tons of hiccups — at least 2-3 times a day. He’s definitely very low!

Food cravings: Tomatoes. My cousin Mallory visited and brought tomatoes that my Aunt grew in her garden… they were aaaaamazing. Now all other tomatoes taste like nothing. Also, mashed potatoes.

Exercise? I’ve been dedicated to my workouts this week, I think hoping that they will help baby come. I’ve been doing the more challenging ones. The only thing is now I’m kind of sore. Don’t really want to be sore when I go into labor!

Miss Anything? Being able to bend over to pick things out without it being a dramatic process.

Symptoms: My stretch marks seem really intense. I wonder what they’ll look like afterwards. With LBJ I only had one. Braxton hicks all the time, especially when I’m working out. Also,feeling very hot.

Mood?  Starting to feel a bit impatient! But very excited. I have no idea what labor, or postpartum, or maternity leave will be like at all this time around, but I’m excited to find out! It’s just weird feeling out in limbo waiting and not knowing when he will decide to come.

Looking forward to: Snuggles with my newborn. LBJ meeting his brother. Trying out the fancy baby sleep contraption I bought (my one indulgence). It’s called a Dock-a-Tot.. it looks like a little baby life raft!

From this point on I don’t know if I will have anymore Bumpdates, but I’ll keep you updated!

Thanks for joining me on my pregnancy journey.



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