39 Weeks


Still pregnant over here! Tomorrow is my due date, so we’ll see if I get another baby that likes to show up on time. Statistically the odds I’d have two come on their due date is like super slim, so I’m doubtful I’m going to have a baby tomorrow, yet incredibly hopeful! I didn’t work Wednesday or Thursday which was really weird and hard for me to rest and just wait, however so nice to rest and wait.

My sister was in town this weekend with her clan so we had some wonderful family time, and got to celebrate my Dad’s birthday and Josh and I’s anniversary, so that was fun. Can’t believe we’re celebrating 5 years of marriage as our second kiddo is arriving. I couldn’t have imagined our life once we were married, but it’s been an unexpected and really fun ride.

How far along? 39 weeks, 6 days

Baby is the size of: A Pumpkin, Cat, or a Mini Skateboard (But seriously.. he’s the size of a baby)

Total weight gain: 25-30 pounds

Maternity clothes? Oh yeah, but almost done!

Sleep: Didn’t sleep as magically this week. Lots of waking up to pee/roll over(which is quite a production)

Best moment this week: Quality time with family before LB2’s arrival. The realization that I get to work somewhere that when I am away it feels weird and I miss it a whole lot… really grateful for that.

Movement: Lots of hiccups and also changing positions, which freaked me out, but he’s still head-down, which is all that matters.

Food cravings: Have you guys had a S’mores frappuccino? Craving these all the time, but they are SO bad for me. I may have had two this week…

Exercise? In hopes that it would help evict baby, I worked out every day this week except Friday. And my mom and I went for a really long walk on the beach Thursday. It will be weird not working out for 6 or so weeks once he comes.

Miss Anything? Not feeling nostalgic right now, just ready to meet my little newborn. Although I can’t believe my big kid was just a newborn and now he’s a big kid that keeps getting bigger!

Symptoms: I feel like my bones are shifting around or something. Don’t know how to explain the feeling, but it’s like I can feel my hips widening… not sure if that’s a real thing. Also peeing all the time (partially due to all the 3rd trimester tea I’m drinking!).

Mood?  So hopeful he will come soon!

Looking forward to: Meeting my baby… that first little breath and tiny little cry. LBJ meeting his little bro. Laying on my stomach. More family visits! Time at home with my babies.

Thanks for joining me on my pregnancy journey!


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