One Month


Mr. Benjamin Truth is one month old! He’s actually 6 weeks old now, but the picture is from his one month birthday. I am so grateful for this sweet, laid-back baby. I’m also grateful for my wildly curious Jack who keeps me on my toes. We are enjoying so much time together and getting to hang out all day every day. Our family of four is starting to feel more normal and we are getting into a routine.

We like to go to Crisp park and play in the shade, and have been going to the beach on the weekends. Ben sleeps in the tent while Jack mostly plays in the sand and tries to get into everything and take other people’s food.


  • Eating
  • Having his hair washed
  • Being held


  • Diaper Changes
  • Being in his carseat unless he’s sleeping


  • He’s got a pretty strong neck– the headbutting has begun
  • Stays awake during the day for like 2 hours at a time
  • Grunts quite a bit
  • Focuses on things and gets cross-eyed
  • Uses his legs to push up against us
  • This week he started smiling!

Current Nicknames:

  • Benjy/Benjy Bear
  • Benito
  • Peanut (Jack is also a peanut)
  • Little Bear

Jack likes to shove the pacifier into Ben’s mouth. Before he would find it and put it in his mouth and run around the house. The other morning I saw that he had taken the pacifier and was rubbing it in the fireplace. That child. Recently, as we were doing our bedtime rituals, Jack reached out and held Ben’s hand.. it was really sweet. I think he’s starting to come around. I know I’m going to blink and we’ll be celebrating Ben’s first birthday. I’m trying to enjoy each day and take in how special my tiny ones are.



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