Two Months





Baths with Jack

When Josh howls at him


The car (it’s the worst and the only time he really cries hard)


cooing and smiling all the timeĀ (it’s the best)

only likes to turn his head to the right

Working on his ab and neck strength

Love our giant two-month-old. He’s so big already. He weighs half as much as Jack does now. He’s doing so well at night, just waking up once to eat between 6:30pm and 6:30am (praise Jesus!). Sleeps in his Dock-a-tot at night and for some naps.

He’s a happy little dude and looks up at us and smiles and coos a whole lot now. Sometimes he laughs at the little toys hanging down on the activity mat. So sweet.

Jack is 20 months old and so silly and serious at the same time. He’s still transitioning into the big brother role. Sometimes he is sweet and gives Ben a snuggle or grabs his hand of his own accord. Other times he tries to push him off of me and throws things at him. Overall, he’s the sweetest, and likes to play with cars and airplanes, and point out things in books. He does downward facing dog, and loves putting shoes on.

I’m going back to work tomorrow and I have lots of mixed feelings. I’m excited, because I really love my job and co-workers, and our mission. But I’m sad to not be with my littles all day. I’ve never really been away from Ben.

So thankful for all the love and support I’ve got through the transition.

And now, a few snapshots…


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