Three Months



  • Being held
  • Josh’s funny noises
  • Smiling/laughing in general
  • Bill Burt Warner, his Bee
  • baths


  • napping during the day
  • still not a huge fan of the car
  • tummy time


  • He’s gotten close to rolling over a few times from back to front.
  • Laughs and smiles so much
  • Turning his head side to side so much better
  • sleeping really well, like 7:30pm to 5:30/6:30am!

The other day Jack was crying about something and Ben started laughing. It was great. Jack is getting more protective of Ben and tolerating him more. He will go and give him toys and then take them back, all in the spirit of brotherly love and competition.

Jack is more and more silly and loves to spin, loves brooms and anything cleaning related. He’s been saying ‘ball” and “apple” and understands absolutely everything. Sometimes I have no idea where he learns things. He loves to learn and just totally lights up our world. I really felt like a successful parent when he heard Michael Jackson playing somewhere in public and immediately started dancing. He will walk like a penguin on command, and dances while he brushes his teeth.

I am so grateful for my laid back, happy boy (Ben). He has his moments, but he’s so content most of the time. And I love my crazy, silly, sweet toddler. And time continues to race…


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