Four Months



  • Finally into chewing Sophie
  • Hearing singing & funny noises
  • His hands
  • Being in the sling
  • Loves the bath and the sound of the water
  • Talking to the animals on his blanket


  • Still struggles hard with napping
  • When Jack hits him in the head with a car


  • Putting anything he can grab into his mouth
  • Always smiles if someone smiles at him (unless he’s tired)
  • Rolling from front to back
  • Getting better at tummy time
  • Laughs a lot & very ticklish

Ben is still my chill, happy baby. He does have a significant amount of crankiness just due to refusing to nap, but the majority of the time he is a happy, easy-going little clam. So smiley and loves to laugh and make noises.

I think he started rolling over so he could get out of tummy time. Now every time he’s on his belly he just rolls right back. Smart kiddo.

Jack loves to take Ben’s toys away and run around with them and then give them back. He is very helpful and sweet most of the time.

Right now Jack is obsessed with the Bucs hat Kelly got him, he loves his blanket and water bottle, and always has his cars with him. He really likes to read books, and now some of his favorites are “Dragons Love Tacos,” “If you Give a Mouse a Cookie,” “Things That Go,” his Grandma & Grandpa photo book, and “Good Night Pirate Ship.”

Jack loves being outside and loves finding sticks, palm fronds, and puddles.

Love my boys so much. We are so excited to got to CA in October to visit with family and visit San Fran. Wondering what traveling with 2 under 2 will be like. Yikes!




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