Five Months




Being Naked

Listening to singing/music

Putting all the things in his mouth




Tummy Time

Realizing it’s not time to eat



Reaching for things

Interested in food (hasn’t had any)

Sharing a room with big bro

Lunges to get out of his car seat

Laughs and talks a whole lot



Mr. Benjie went on his first airplane ride a few weeks ago to California to see Grandma & Grandpa. He did pretty well on the plane and was so happy to see his grandparents and show them his rolling over skills and relentless smiles. This child is the happiest one I’ve ever known.

We had an awesome visit with Josh’s parents in CA and enjoyed the beautiful weather and fall colors. We went to apple hill, playgrounds, and watched Jack pick up a million sticks. Josh and I made it to SF for a day and saw our friends, while the boys stayed with Grandma & Grandpa. Ben had his first experience with formula and wasn’t too thrilled.

Jack will be two later this month. I can’t believe I will be the mom of a two-year-old and 6-month-old in the matter of weeks. I’ve never felt so old. Especially a few days ago when I was making a felt Robin Hood hat with a hot glue gun…

Jack is as silly as ever. He loves to spin and dance. His current favorite things are his stick horse thing, cars, and Lurch the giant panda bear. He has to sleep with his blue blanket and his trusty water bottle (a mini contigo with sharks on it). He’s starting to attempt more words, and says “ball,” “apple,” “table,” “cheese,” and a few other words. He’s constantly curious and a lover of learning. I’m so proud of how he’s adapted to Ben sleeping in the same room as him and how patient he is… even though today he bit Ben’s toes… oops. He loves Robin Hood and Little Rascals. Actually those are the only two things he watches.

So proud of my boys and so blessed that they are mine.

Until next month,


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