2 Years Young & a 6-Month-Old



  • blueberries
  • “Steve” his loyal steed
  • Sticks, Acorns, Palm Fronds, Brooms, & Canes
  • Playing in the car (while parked)
  • reading books
  • Christmas (LOVES Christmas & Santa)
  • Playing with cars/army guys
  • Snuggling animals (live or stuffed)
  • His trusty water bottle (can’t sleep without it)
  • Kelly & Avery, his two main ladies
  • All his grandparents


  • eating (milk and solids); he loves carrots and peas especially
  • smiling’s his favorite
  • sleeping not in his crib (carrier/carseat)
  • Being tickled
  • Hearing people sing or whisper



  • Patience
  • Unopened boxes
  • Snot Sucker
  • Randomly is afraid of different everyday objects, like security cameras & the baby monitor


  • Naps
  • Sleep in general



  • Says “Bye,” “Hi,” “Please,” “Ball,” “Mama/Dada,” “Shoes” (he has said other words but stops saying them)
  • Plays by himself for long periods of time, setting up army men and driving his little cars
  • Sings to himself
  • Understands EVERYTHING, like way too much
  • “Pets” everything, from ornaments, to Ben, to the table


  • Rolling back and fourth
  • Trying to scoot and pull himself on the floor
  • Sleeps from like 7:30 to 4:30 usually, but lately is waking up earlier and crying
  • squeals a whole lot
  • grabs at everything
  • Eating solids now…like a lot!

My boys are huge and I feel old and very tired, but my heart is so full of gratefulness for these two handsome boys. They are hilarious and so much fun. Jack is my partner and crime and makes sure there is never a dull moment. Benjie is my snuggly little peanut and just so happy most of the time, except when it’s time to sleep or when he’s hungry.

These littles light up every situation, even when there’s explosive poop and screaming involved.

I sometimes feel like everything I try ends up as a big huge failure and like nothing I do is good enough, but then I’m reminded that that’s not true and that God’s grace is waaaaay bigger than my shortcomings. When I am week He is strong… and that’s a promise I consistently am reminding God “you said this via Paul, remember!”

So thankful for my two little peanuts that teach me unconditional love and patience like nothing else I’ve ever known. Thankful for Josh who is truly Super-dad. We are in a time of transition and crazy schedules, but it just makes the time we have together that much more rich.

We are loving Christmas, especially through the eyes of Jack. Christmas Parades, Santa, Polar ¬†Express, Candy Canes, Elf Pets… it’s so much more fun with kids that find it so magical! So thankful for this season, and Jesus who is truly Emmanuel, God with us.

Til next time,




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