Seven Months



  • This kiddo loves food. Starting to like real food more than purées.
  • Getting into all of Jacks toys
  • Big wooden kitchen spoons (all the better to chew on)
  • Watching Jack be cray.
  • The water is his happy place. Baths, the pool, watching me wash dishes, it’s fantastic.
  • Bouncing up and down, being held upside-down… he’s basically a dare devil.


  • Naps (still)
  • Having his face wiped.


  • Rolling and getting around. Not quite crawling, but I’ve seen an army crawl here and there. This is the sweet spot.
  • Sitting up for very short periods of time
  • Plays on his own pretty well before he’s tired or hungry.
  • Screams with joy randomly.
  • Laughs a whole lot.

Happy New Year, y’all. We rang in the new year with a nasty cold and lots of snuggles.

Ben is getting too big. In my mind he’s stuck at four-months-old, but he’s not. At Christmas he loved getting into the wrapping paper. Jack loved un-wrapping gifts at Christmas.. it was really fun. Ben got a little singing house, Jack got a bike, amongst other things.

Jack is starting to become more fond of Ben lately, which is a few steps beyond tolerating him. Jack is also talking more and discovering the world. He is so much fun and cracks us up all the time. He loves to play with sticks, make music, and eat all the things.

We just got over a round of nasty sickness, and I’m so glad everyone is back to normal. The boys are at such a fun stage right now and we’re having lots of fun. I’m very jealous of my time with them and so grateful for the small moments of snuggles, and reading books, and being silly.

Looking forward to Grandma & Grandpa (Josh’s parents) coming at the beginning of February. Also looking forward to enjoying cooler weather for a while and this sweet-spot where Ben is moving but not crawling!

Til next time,


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