8 Months



  • Chewing on his rubber zombie
  • Playing peek-a-boo
  • Being outside and playing in the grass
  • Shiny things
  • Eating (loves kiwi, avocado, banana, peanut butter, & oatmeal)
  • Banging the toy hammer on the toolbox


  • Naps (still)
  • Jack taking toys from him


  • Army crawling all over the house, and giggling when he gets somewhere he’s not supposed to go
  • Smiles and laughs so much. He gets bashful when people smile at him and will look away.
  • Getting teeth! He has three now
  • Finally on a nap schedule, he just won’t nap in a crib.
  • Comes and finds me in the house wherever I am.

Ben in actually almost 9 months old. I can never believe how big he is, but he only gets more fun. Jack is continuing to warm up to him and be amused by him a little bit. He is so joyful and silly and I’m so thankful for his laid-back sweetness. He is constantly experimenting with toys and seeing what they will do. Rolling plastic balls and hitting hammers against other things. I love watching his growing brain work.

Jack loves to read, sing, and listen to “Barbara Ann” by the Beach Boys. Tow-mater (his car) is his favorite companion, along with his water bottle, blanket, and Edna the Elephant. He loves to find sticks and turn them into microphones and brooms. He loves to vacuum and dance. He loves to watch the documentary “The Lion in your Living Room” on Netflix about cats, and his favorite book right now is Monsters Inc. He loves to jump, especially when his Daddy gives him an extra boost.

So grateful for my boys. My constant desire is to slow down and stay slow, but the struggle is way too real.

We had such a good visit with Pop, YaYa, and Aunt Sandy a few weeks ago (photos below). The boys love their family.

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