9 & 10 Months Old


So I majorly slacked on my posting, however these pictures actually are from 9 and 10 months of age! My baby is gigantic and almost 11 months old, which means he’s almost a year young, and I’m not really ok with that. I’ve found that it doesn’t really matter if I’m ok with it or not though… it will happen anyway.


  • Stealing sips from Jack’s water bottle
  • Playing with plastic balls. He’s a fan of all sphere-shaped objects.
  • Obsessed with oranges, sweet potatoes, and blueberries
  • Pulling Jack’s hair
  • Listening to cat noises on youtube


  • Getting his face and hands wiped off after eating
  • Putting clothes on
  • Wearing hats


  • Climbing over low things
  • Army crawling (still rocking this crawl and I think he always will)
  • Sitting from laying (uses those abs)
  • George Costanza reclining pose
  • Squeals with joy much like a Pterodactyl (Jack hates this)
  • So bashful around new people. He looks up then looks down and away.

Ben is my little clingy ray of sunshine. I love this boy and his love for life and for instigating with his brother. It’s kind of amazing that he can be so tiny, yet so aware of how to make us laugh and when he knows he’s doing something he’s not supposed to (i.e. making a sprint for the bathroom, Jack’s water bottle, or pulling Jack’s hair). He relishes the moments when Jack is sleeping and he can play with toys without them being taken away, but he’s also a good sport when Jack swipes them and keeps all the toys to himself.

Jack is learning to share and be gentle, and I’m really proud of him. He is really sweet most of the time with Ben and loves him a lot despite getting annoyed with him squealing and taking his toys. I can’t wait to see these two get into even more trouble together as time goes on. I love when they will both sit on our laps together and read a book, even if it only lasts for about 20 seconds.

Right now Jack loves tails, pointing out things that are “hot”, his “man” which is a lego Superman, blueberries, and meat. The other day we were driving to my mom’s house for dinner and he chanted “Meat!” the last five minutes of the drive. He talks about his grandparents all the time, as well as his friend Judah, and Judah’s dog JJ. Sticks are his favorite thing to collect outside, put in his shirt pocket, and bang against picnic tables.

Since I last posted, Josh and I went to NYC for Josh’s 30th birthday without the boys, and oh did we miss them! We also had a wonderful time, but so weird to be away. Also, I don’t recommend watching Manchester By the Sea right before you leave your children for a few days. Really good movie, but bad timing on our part!

Thankful for our boys and the light and joy they bring to the world. My biggest hope is for them to know that God loves them, and that they were created to know Him and His love, and to love others well… regardless of how other people act or how other people treat them.

Thanks to Allie Carlberg for these pictures of Josh and Ben at Easter:

And here’s a bunch from the last two months:

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