11 & 12 Months



So as I write this, Ben is 13 months old, and Jack is 2 years and 7 months old. At least I’m getting this up now! This little is so handsome and sweet. Writing this as if Ben was 11.5 months old.

I remember the day he was born and looking at his face and how unfamiliar yet so familiar it seemed. He’s been sweet and kind his whole life, curious and quick ┬áto laugh.


Loves to “snuggle” on command

Muslin Blankets (any muslin blanket… that’s all he needs to be happy in life)

Sucking on his bottom lip (some babies have a pacifier, some suck their thumb, but Ben has his lip)



Blueberries, Peanut Butter, along with any kind of fruit


Hates when I’m in his vicinity but not holding him/giving my undivided attention (I know, I’m so rude)


The army crawl! (Actually right when he turned 1 year old he started crawling normally)

Stands up and cruises around on things

Pays attention to Jack more and thinks he’s funny

The Warner Bros are starting to become little buds, which is fun to watch. Love when they stare at each other at breakfast and take turns laughing. Jack is MORE than two and a half, which means he basically three, which I can’t really handle so I’m just going to pretend like it won’t happen. Jack is no where interested in potty training, but will talk your ear off when he feels comfortable and will eat all of your food. His favorite food is a spoon of peanut butter and if you say “no” he’s ask for a fork full of peanut butter. He carries an army guy named Joe, or batman, or superman, or Noah (yes, like from Noah’s ark) depending on what week it is.

In Ben’s 11th month we went on our family reunion trip to a Candy themed house. We had an awesome time! Ben’s birthday week we stayed at my Dad’s house on the water and Ben had a banana bread cake with peanut butter & yogurt icing. He still really hasn’t had sweets yet.

I think Ben eats even more than Jack. He’s sleeping so well at night (7:30 – 6/6:30). Jack learned how to escape his crib and get into Ben’s when they were in pack n’ plays recently, but he hasn’t been doing it anymore (praise Jesus).

This is probably my last post for a long time because I (mostly) did it for a year and being a mom is hard. But I’m glad I have these entries to look back on and see what my boys are like. I also use the Lifecake app for photos and Qeepsake for journal entries, and my mom’s one line a day journal. When I write it out like that it sounds like overkill, but I’m thankful for multiple ways to remember life with my littles while they are still little.

Thanks for reading if you got this far :)


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