lb2-31 weeks

31 Weeks

31 weeks of LB2! So my niece and nephew have given me a list of approved baby names for LB2. Let me know your vote: Odell, McDonald, Peter, Rico, ChiChi, Eli, Boris, Bryant, ChiChi Door, Joe, and last but not least, Easter Basket. How far along? 31 weeks, 6 days Baby is the size of: A foam […]

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lb2-30 weeks

30 Weeks

Can’t believe I’m in my thirties now… weeks that is. I have 9 more weeks of getting bigger to go, and people are already starting to dramatically move out of the way of my belly. No, we still haven’t decided on a name, although we may be getting closer to a first name.  How far […]

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lb2-29 weeks

29 Weeks

This week I had a doctors appointment and my glucose screening. It was awesome because I didn’t have to drink the nasty sugary drink they have. Instead, I got to eat an egg sandwich and a banana with a glass of milk 2 hours before they pricked my finger…. soooo much better than drinking that stuff! […]

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28 Weeks

This week flew by once again. Next week I have my glucose screening and the nasty drink coming. Here’s to hopefully passing the test. LBJ started really walking this week, like everywhere. So we took him to the zoo today and he walked all over the place and picked up rocks and played in dirt. […]

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26 & 27 Weeks

Despite my best protesting, life continues to speed up instead of slow down and thus, I’m cramming two weeks into one. Last week Josh’s parents visited us and it was so much fun to have them here. LBJ was in heaven having Nana and Grandpa visit. He keeps going over to one of their pictures […]

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24 Weeks

How far along? 24 weeks, 6 days Baby is the size of:  An eggplant, GI joe, atlantic Puffin, or a demi-baguette Total weight gain:  A lot!  Maternity clothes? Oh yes. Sleep: Still going well with the exception of a charlie horse that woke me up super early one morning! Hope those don’t become regular again.   Best moment this week: Loved getting […]

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23 Weeks

Posted a day late, but always better than never! How far along? 23 weeks, 7 days Baby is the size of: A Barbie doll (Ken of course), bunch of grapes, buche de Noel, or a chinchilla Total weight gain:  Like 15 pounds! (and counting) Maternity clothes? yes and yes. Although I got to wear some non-maternity pants that are […]

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22 Weeks!

Hello All! This is a day late, but here we go… I don’t know about you, but I’m feelin’ 22… weeks! (I stole that from my last 22 weeks post, I’m hilarious!) How far along? 22 weeks Baby is the size of:  a water bottle, a flaugnarde, a corn on the cob, or an American guinea pig […]

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21 Weeks

  How far along? 21 weeks Baby is the size of: Brioche, Baby Bok Choy, a baseball Hat, or a Least Weasel Total weight gain:  8-10 pounds Maternity clothes? Yes. I just read my 21 weeks blog from my last pregnancy and I wasn’t in maternity clothes yet. I can’t believe that! I also am as big as I […]

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20 Weeks

How far along? 20 weeks Baby is the size of: a paper airplane, an axolotl (?), a Palmier cookie, or a Belgian endive Total weight gain:  8 pounds (I went to the doctor this week, so now I know.) Maternity clothes? I have a maternity tank top I wish I could wear every day. Sleep: Thumbs up on my sleep! […]

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