39 Weeks

Still pregnant over here! Tomorrow is my due date, so we’ll see if I get another baby that likes to show up on time. Statistically the odds I’d have two come on their due date is like super slim, so I’m doubtful I’m going to have a baby tomorrow, yet incredibly hopeful! I didn’t work […]

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38 Weeks

Today I’m 39 weeks! And so ready for this kid to grace us with his presence. I’m not feeling anything, but I didn’t feel anything with Jack either and woke up in labor on his due date. But I know every pregnancy is different, so I’m eagerly anticipating how this one decides to come. I […]

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37 Weeks

Two days late posting this week, so I’m 38 weeks as of yesterday! So we’ve landed on a full name. But I told Josh that I reserve the right to change my mind until we sign the birth certificate. This week something changed and now I’m ready to have the baby. I don’t feel uncomfortable, […]

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36 Weeks

  I’m 37 weeks today as I write this. This means I can now officially give birth at the birth center if LB2 decides to come at this point. I can’t believe that! Still need to finalize this guys whole name. What if he came on Star Wars Day? How far along? 36 weeks, 6 days […]

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My Pregnancy Exercise Routine

I am a big fan of working out while pregnant… not necessarily because I want to, but because I’m confident of the benefits. I attribute 2 relatively comfortable and symptom-free pregnancies to consistent exercise throughout. I haven’t had any swelling, and the one time I was feeling significant back pain, I did yoga and it […]

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35 Weeks (Special Edition)

Today I am 36 weeks. Ahhh! So much to do. Pack the birth center bag, get newborn diapers, install car seat, wash the tiny clothes, and probably more I’m forgetting. People keep asking me if I’m counting down the days. The answer is no. I am definitely excited to meet this little one (and welcome […]

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34 Weeks

Hi Friends, I’m about to have a baby! Five weeks out from my due date now (a of today I’m 35 weeks!) Will he come early? Will he come late? Will he be on time? Who knows! I was certain Jack would be 1-2 weeks late… and he came right on his day. We still […]

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lb2-33 weeks

33 Weeks

Hi friends! I hope you had a good week! I am basically always late posting, so as of today I am actually 34 weeks, which means only 6 weeks to go, give or take. SIX. WEEKS. It’s so soon, can you believe it? Not me. LBJ has started “petting” my belly lately. Still not sure […]

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lb2-32 weeks

32 Weeks

Hello Friends, So we think we may have decided on a first name. Not going to tell you, sorry. I’m still not 100% sure, and still have no clue on the middle. But we’ve still got some time, right? This week I probably need to get myself together and make a list of things I […]

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