One Month of Elle

Likes: Eating Staring at fans Diaper Changes Being on her belly Dislikes: Going to sleep Baths Her car seat Does: Super alert, follows you with her eyes Smiling occasionally Girl has a strong neck We’ve already had a month with our little lady. I hope I never forget the way Ben says Eleanor, and the […]

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19 Weeks

Meant to post this yesterday, but oh well! Today I’m now 20 weeks, halfway! How far along? 19 weeks Baby is the size of: a “zesty zucchini”, a gameboy, a crêpe, or a chipmunk Total weight gain:  I don’t know, but I feel big Maternity clothes? Um yes. Living in them, but the pants are still baggy and awkward, […]

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34 Weeks

Helloooo everyone, Tomorrow I will be 35 weeks, which is two weeks away from 37 weeks, which is considered full term. It is five weeks from 40 weeks, which is my due date. Oh. My. Goodness. How far along? 34 weeks, 6 days Baby is the size of: A Cantaloupe Total weight gain:  17 pounds Maternity clothes? I […]

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25 Weeks

Hi friends, This will be my last post as a 24 year old because as of Sunday, I will be 25! I will be 25 the year my baby is born… I’m starting to feel like a grown up. My birthday coming and being pregnant is making me think a lot about birthdays and really […]

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24 Weeks

How far along? 24 weeks, 6 days Baby is the size of: One blog I read said he’s the size of a foot-long sub, haha! Others say an ear of corn. I like the sub. Total weight gain:  9 pounds Maternity clothes? Rocking my belly band and skirts & dresses a lot. Sleep: It continues to be fantastic. So grateful […]

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Giving Friday

An Invitation to Giving Friday

  In the good ole USA Thanksgiving is coming up, and these days, what comes with Thanksgiving is Black Friday. If for some reason you are unfamiliar, I encourage you to use a handy little tool called Google and search that bad boy. Some people love this retail holiday, some avoid it at all costs, and […]

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SOS Postcard front (1)


I’ve found that all over the world missionaries are doing incredible, amazing things. Innocent children and heartless murderers are saved around the clock on a dialy basis. Wells dug, villages fed, limbs mended and diseases cured. There are tragic and beautiful stories lived everywhere, all the time, but hardly anyone hears about them. A few […]

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Websites, Moving Boxes, and Super Moon

Josh has been hard at work for the past few months that we’ve been back from Thailand crafting an even newer website for YWAM Las Vegas. He’s taken one class on web design, and from there he’s taught himself everything. I am so proud of him and of the site he created. It was just […]

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Thailand Flowers

The Missing Update

We sent out this newsletter in April, but in case you missed it, here’s what’s going on with us and the steps we’re taking. Today actually is our last day with YWAM Las Vegas. Crazy! Read the newsletter to see where we’re going next!     Hello everyone! We hope you’re doing well. Here is […]

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thai 547

Our Two Months in Thailand

Thailand is a difficult place to dislike. Everyone knows the culture is exotic, the food is phenomenal, and the tea is a pint of liquid sugar. But the real beauty of Thailand is its people. A smile is the standard expression of everyone you meet. Children smile with the gap of two missing front teeth, […]

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