About Us

Hi! We’re Josh and Amanda Warner.

  1. We love Jesus a whole lot and desire to live our lives in intimate relationship with Him. He changed our lives awesomely and dramatically, and we so want the world to know Him.
  2. We recycle and are bad vegetarians.
  3. We have no pets, but very much enjoy other peoples’ pets.
  4. Amanda likes to bake, braid hair, do yoga, and have coffee talk.
  5. Josh likes to read, create and design things, and has a fantastic dry sense of humor. He also enjoys funny cat videos.
  6. Josh is a freelance designer, and Amanda works at BridgePoint Church as an Executive Assistant. (By the way everything we post here is our own opinions and thoughts which do not represent those of our respective workplaces).
  7. We were married in May 2011 and now we are expecting a shiny new baby boy coming November 2014.
  8. We met in San Francisco, lived there and Las Vegas and Los Angeles before moving to St. Petersburg, FL, where Amanda was born and raised. (Josh is a Northern California boy).
  9. We were missionaries with Youth With a Mission (YWAM) in San Francisco and Las Vegas. We went to Southeast Asia several times and some other awesome places with YWAM and got to be discipled and disciple young adults and share the love of Jesus with lots of different kinds of people. It was a really significant time in our lives that we really loved and really shaped us.
  10. We went to a 9 month bible school in LA a few years ago that rocked us and made us fall in love with the Word of God. It is awesome! We like talking about the Bible and who God is and how He shows His heart.


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