Seven Months

Likes This kiddo loves food. Starting to like real food more than purées. Getting into all of Jacks toys Big wooden kitchen spoons (all the better to chew on) Watching Jack be cray. The water is his happy place. Baths, the pool, watching me wash dishes, it’s fantastic. Bouncing up and down, being held upside-down… […]

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2 Years Young & a 6-Month-Old

Likes Jack: blueberries “Steve” his loyal steed Sticks, Acorns, Palm Fronds, Brooms, & Canes Playing in the car (while parked) reading books Christmas (LOVES Christmas & Santa) Playing with cars/army guys Snuggling animals (live or stuffed) His trusty water bottle (can’t sleep without it) Kelly & Avery, his two main ladies All his grandparents Ben: […]

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One Month

Mr. Benjamin Truth is one month old! He’s actually 6 weeks old now, but the picture is from his one month birthday. I am so grateful for this sweet, laid-back baby. I’m also grateful for my wildly curious Jack who keeps me on my toes. We are enjoying so much time together and getting to […]

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39 Weeks

Still pregnant over here! Tomorrow is my due date, so we’ll see if I get another baby that likes to show up on time. Statistically the odds I’d have two come on their due date is like super slim, so I’m doubtful I’m going to have a baby tomorrow, yet incredibly hopeful! I didn’t work […]

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36 Weeks

  I’m 37 weeks today as I write this. This means I can now officially give birth at the birth center if LB2 decides to come at this point. I can’t believe that! Still need to finalize this guys whole name. What if he came on Star Wars Day? How far along? 36 weeks, 6 days […]

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34 Weeks

Hi Friends, I’m about to have a baby! Five weeks out from my due date now (a of today I’m 35 weeks!) Will he come early? Will he come late? Will he be on time? Who knows! I was certain Jack would be 1-2 weeks late… and he came right on his day. We still […]

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lb2-31 weeks

31 Weeks

31 weeks of LB2! So my niece and nephew have given me a list of approved baby names for LB2. Let me know your vote: Odell, McDonald, Peter, Rico, ChiChi, Eli, Boris, Bryant, ChiChi Door, Joe, and last but not least, Easter Basket. How far along? 31 weeks, 6 days Baby is the size of: A foam […]

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26 & 27 Weeks

Despite my best protesting, life continues to speed up instead of slow down and thus, I’m cramming two weeks into one. Last week Josh’s parents visited us and it was so much fun to have them here. LBJ was in heaven having Nana and Grandpa visit. He keeps going over to one of their pictures […]

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7 Months

Likes: Water Bottles Everything he’s not supposed to have His giraffe named Jill (He’s over Sophie) Sticking his tongue out Funny faces and voices “Talking” really loud when he’s in a quiet place or when one person is addressing a group of people/praying Dislikes: Diaper Changes/Being forced to lay down Staying still Not being able […]

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6 Months

Likes: playing with water bottles staring at shadows jumping, standing, exploring superman pose flipping on his stomach at inopportune moments (like during a diaper change) silly noises Dislikes: not being able to grab his shadow and shove it in his mouth changing clothes the vacuum cleaner Doing: Rolling all over the place SLEEPING THROUGH THE […]

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