Three Months

Posting this a little late, but better late than never they say. Likes: Staring at people Changing tables Kelly, Kristen, & Ava (his friends while we’re at work) His animal friends he looks at on his blankets The word “Mochi” and watching us stick our tongues out Dislikes: Nasal Aspirator Getting out of the bathtub […]

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One Month

Likes: Eating Laying on the changing table (but not getting his diaper changed) Loud noise Bouncing (wants us to do deep squats all the time, and you better believe he knows when you sit down!) Sleeping in the sling Dislikes: Going to sleep The baby swing Baths Diaper Changes Does: “Gas smiles” when he’s falling […]

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Jack Bravery Warner

**This is baby Jack’s birth story. I wanted to write it all out before I forgot. It’s quite long, but if you’d like to read about how Jack entered the world, here you go! ** On Wednesday, November 26th I woke up with contractions around 5:15 am. I was really surprised at this, as we […]

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39 Weeks

Tomorrow is my due date! I will be 40 weeks. I honestly can’t believe it or imagine that he will be out of my body any day now. Though, I have a feeling this little guy is staying put for a while, but we shall see. I have a doctor’s appointment in the morning, and […]

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38 Weeks

Tomorrow means I’m 39 weeks! I still can’t believe it. It really doesn’t seem like this little one is going to actually come out. I’m still feeling really good, but feeling ready for him to come whenever he decides. I think the perfect timing for him to come would be November 30th, right after Thanksgiving! […]

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37 Weeks

Josh is awesome and updated our blog so it’s responsive now and easier to read on phones. He’s fancy like that. This week we have done everything we can pretty much do before the baby comes. (Except when I just typed that I thought of like 12 more things we need to do, haha!) But […]

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36 Weeks

We just got home from a breastfeeding class and Josh is the best husband ever for going with me. It was super informative, as I knew relatively nothing until this class. We had some uncontrollable laughing fits during the class though, which made me feel like a middle-schooler, but oh well. Tomorrow I am 37 […]

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32 Weeks

Hello Friends, This week I’m grateful for: My sweet healthy baby growing inside me, new contacts smuggled from England so I can SEE without glasses, that decaf coffee tastes the same as regular coffee, that Trader Joes exists, Jesus who loves to answer prayers in unexpected ways, body pillows, and a husband who has secret […]

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28 Weeks

Hello friends. Hellooo baby bump. Josh did this week’s dry erase board, can you tell? I had a doctor’s appointment last Friday and did my glucose screening. Yikes, that drink is disgusting. I’m praying I pass the test because I don’t think I can drink that again! There was crystalized sugar chunks at the bottom […]

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