A Final Post Before Taking Off

Hey everyone! This is our last update before our one-month outreach to a nation in the Caribbean. Our graduation is already one week past, and the last few days we’ve been frantically getting ready to teach the Bible to possibly 500 different people in the next month. We only had about six days to prepare […]

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psalm 142

Last Week!

Hi Everyone! Welcome to our blog. This is our LAST WEEK of the Chronological School of Biblical Studies. We have been doing this school with YWAM LA for the past 9 months and now it’s almost over. We can’t believe it. We have studied the whole Bible in depth and read the whole thing several […]

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psalm 136


Hi Friends! Happy Thursday, hope all is well with you, but if not, we pray for God’s peace and perspective to meet and comfort you. Here are Josh’s Psalm creations from last week. I think they are really great. What a crazy whirlwind we are in! Our school is over next Saturday. That means we’ve […]

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psalm 121

Marvelous Monday

Hi Friends, Thanks for stopping by our blog! And so another week begins; check out Josh’s psalm responses below. Last week we studied Mark and Philippians. I personally didn’t end up getting to study Philippians, as after I finished Mark I sort of hit a wall. But thankfully, I have my whole life to study the […]

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psalm 108

Nine Days

Hi Everyone! This last week we studied the book of Romans, and I think my brain has exploded. No, not really, but it was a really deep book… but really good! The biggest thing that hit me was about identity. In ch. 6 especially it talks about sharing in Christ’s baptism into death, which is […]

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psalm 97

Bishop & James

Hello There! Thanks for taking time to check out our blog. This past week we studied James, and then went up to Bishop, CA to a place called Cardinal Village Resort to help the family who runs it get ready to open for the season. We worked hard deep cleaning cabins, digging a trench, and […]

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psalm 70

Identity & 66-70

This week we studies Obadiah & Chronicles as mentioned in the previous post. I (Amanda) was seriously blown away by the books, especially Chronicles. Why? Why is a good question, as the content is very similar to that of Kings, but the audience is different, therefore the message of the book is different. It was […]

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