psalm 142

Last Week!

Hi Everyone! Welcome to our blog. This is our LAST WEEK of the Chronological School of Biblical Studies. We have been doing this school with YWAM LA for the past 9 months and now it’s almost over. We can’t believe it. We have studied the whole Bible in depth and read the whole thing several […]

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psalm 121

Marvelous Monday

Hi Friends, Thanks for stopping by our blog! And so another week begins; check out Josh’s psalm responses below. Last week we studied Mark and Philippians. I personally didn’t end up getting to study Philippians, as after I finished Mark I sort of hit a wall. But thankfully, I have my whole life to study the […]

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psalm 105


      Hi! It’s Friday, thus the name of the post. Don’t freak out about the originality. These are Josh’s responses from Psalm 101-105. I am a little late getting them up this week, because I’ve been busy doing homework! This week we’re doing 1st Corinthians and wow there is so much in this […]

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psalm 72

Josh’s Birthday Post

Today is Josh’s Birthday… woo hoo! He’s 26 years old. We met when he was 21 .. Oh my, has time gone by. The Psalms for this week are 71-75. We studied Esther and Ezra this week. We made video interpretations of the book of Esther. It was boys vs. girls, the boys having to […]

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psalm 70

Identity & 66-70

This week we studies Obadiah & Chronicles as mentioned in the previous post. I (Amanda) was seriously blown away by the books, especially Chronicles. Why? Why is a good question, as the content is very similar to that of Kings, but the audience is different, therefore the message of the book is different. It was […]

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Psalms 51-60

Two weeks worth of psalms here, as we studied Jeremiah and Ezekiel. These pictures are Josh’s response to the Psalms. This week we acted out scenes from Ezekiel… God had him do some pretty crazy things! It’s a beautiful book, and the message I’ve taken from it this week is that it’s not about “the temple” … […]

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