psalm 136


Hi Friends! Happy Thursday, hope all is well with you, but if not, we pray for God’s peace and perspective to meet and comfort you. Here are Josh’s Psalm creations from last week. I think they are really great. What a crazy whirlwind we are in! Our school is over next Saturday. That means we’ve […]

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psalm 121

Marvelous Monday

Hi Friends, Thanks for stopping by our blog!¬†And so another week begins; check out Josh’s psalm responses below. Last week we studied Mark and Philippians. I personally didn’t end up getting to study Philippians, as after I finished Mark I sort of hit a wall. But thankfully, I have my whole life to study the […]

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psalm 105


      Hi! It’s Friday, thus the name of the post. Don’t freak out about the originality. These are Josh’s responses from Psalm 101-105. I am a little late getting them up this week, because I’ve been busy doing homework! This week we’re doing 1st Corinthians and wow there is so much in this […]

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psalm 80

We Made it Through the Old Testament

  These are Psalms 76-80, enjoy! This week we are studying Nehemiah and¬†Malachi… our last two books of the Old Testament! Oh my goodness! Today was our last class of the Old Testament, and at the end we were asked the question, “Why the Old Testament?” It took a while for us to dive in […]

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